A text about my texts

I write for myself. Not for anybody else. However, I have for roughly 30 years chosen to share my writing and offer it to the world. As it is. On different platforms, in different channels. This is done in mutuality with all those generous people that share their writing. And that I have found inspiring,… Fortsätt läsa A text about my texts

An exciting and engaging challenge!

Svensk version här. This fall I accepted the position as chairman of the board of Impact Hub Stockholm. Together with Jesper and his team we are embarking on an expansion journey that will be ongoing for a number of years. The first step on this journey will be a physical move of the Impact Hub… Fortsätt läsa An exciting and engaging challenge!

Opting for the difficult

Roughly 20 years ago I realized our current idea of civilisation could not be sustained. I imagine many have had similar insights. But also like me struggled with what do to and over time found that it is impossible to stop or redirect what can be seen as a supertanker on full throttle. And honestly… Fortsätt läsa Opting for the difficult

Tom Peters – Still going strong!

In the last couple of weeks Tom Peters has put out some outstanding stuff in the domain of management and leadership. Maybe not new new new, but put forward in the context of today’s business world and in Tom’s unique style I would like to re-enforce his message – also to a Swedish audience. So.… Fortsätt läsa Tom Peters – Still going strong!