A text about my texts

I write for myself. Not for anybody else. However, I have for roughly 30 years chosen to share my writing and offer it to the world. As it is. On different platforms, in different channels. This is done in mutuality with all those generous people that share their writing. And that I have found inspiring, thoughtful or simply entertaining. 

My writing is not put into the world with any agenda. I don’t want anyone to do anything with what I share. Or think what I think. That is none of my business. I am simply sharing what I do, feel and sense, and think. Use it in any way you like. Or not. (Please note that this is true even if I once in a while may come across as advocating for something.)

At times I get positive feedback about my writing. That is nice, but not the purpose of it. I sometimes also get suggestions about how I should write differently so I can reach more people, or connect better with them. But this is meaningless as my purpose is only to write for myself. 

That said, I am fully aware that I publish texts that can be challenging to read and get a sense of. This can be true of an individual text, but also the whole body of my writing. And honestly, I continuously try to develop my writing skills. But I am an amateur. And an ideas person with a really broad range of interests. So, anyone trying to figure out what the ”red thread” (Swenglish expression) is in my writing will probably struggle. I have no idea myself. I just write what I feel like writing. And to be overly clear, my writing is not part of building a personal brand, it’s just me writing.

At times I discover myself trying to write for others. Sometimes after the text has been published. This is almost always bad writing because I lose my own voice when I try to please others. But I allow those texts to stay published as this blog also doubles as my own record of my thoughts, feelings and sense making over the years.

With this I invite you to enjoy (or not) my writing in any way it suits you. Not only here but in my social channels as well. Oh, and I tend to switch between writing in Swedish and English, and that’s just the way it is ;)

Thank you.