Professional update

A couple of months have passed since I decided upon a shift in my professional direction. I’d like to share an update of where my process stands.

First of all thanks for all the encouragement I’ve been getting. It is both a trilling and slightly scary path I’m treading. Lots of interesting things are coming my way but nothing has yet materialized. Also I’m not exactly sure what opportunities to pursue. So I have decided to go slowly and keep things open as long as I can. One of my problems in life is I’m a little too eager to say yes to stuff. This is essentially good and has brought me much value, but in my present position I think it is wise to be a little cool and assess my options a little more than I usually do.

So what am I up to and what options am I considering this fall?

Presently I am doing a couple of client assignments. One is an investigation into job programs in a large municipality and looking for new approaches. Another is a culture development initiative in a fast growing online business. And I am also engaged in some think work around innovative organization models. So, I am fairly busy in the line of work I’ve decided to phase out. This in itself has generated some second thoughts because it is work after all and it is pretty interesting.

That said I have done a few things to generate options and pattern breaks for this fall. I have applied for a couple of university programs and courses. I have started to build an art/philosophy project that I will try to fund shortly. And I have entered a series of conversations that focus on long term work contracts.

A major insight is that I probably will not be closing down my company even if I chose to discontinue my consulting practice. The company as platform will be valuable in all different scenarios I’m looking at. If I chose to study I will be able to do consulting work on the side. If I take a long term gig I could just as well do it as a ”for hire” solution as signing a employment contract. And my art project would also benefit from having the company.

So, this is the status as I approach some vacation time in a couple of weeks. I will be working in July to complete the consulting assignments but also to work on my art project. In August I’ll be taking my kids to Mallorca for some sun, heat, swimming and good food.

Have a great summer!