It is never too late to change one’s mind

I know, I know. Just a few months ago I said I would be ditching my advisory practice for something new. But this seems not to be happening. At least not in the near future. So, it is back to business as usual.

Or rather unusual. This is because I have tweaked my mission and my offering in a few new and sharper directions. My hope is to make myself relevant for the most challenging issue we humans face – our survival as a species. We have two or three decades to make ourselves sustainable and organizations will obviously be at the center of the action. This is no kidding matter, we have some tough work to do together to get things in better order so our kids – literally – can have a future.

That said I hope we can make this important work fulfilling and effective. I will certainly strive to do everything I can.

Apart from assisting my professional clients my ambition is to create a few digital products that can reach a wider group of people. Also, I look forward to writing more on my blog and perhaps also start using video as a way of telling stories and building engagement. More about that later this fall.

One real change is set to take place though. I have been admitted to a 1.5 year university program in pedagogy that will qualify me as a teacher in upper secondary school. I will study in parallell with my regular work and look forward to integrate my learnings into my business. Or eventually morph my mission and business into a classroom environment. Who knows what the future holds?

— Jan