Moving on

Dear clients, colleagues and business partners,

After over 20 years as a consultant and advisor I will be closing down my practice, effective by the end of August. This is not a decision taken in haste. It has marinated in me for some years and only during the Easter holidays did I finalize my decision. There is a lot I can share about this process but i won’t bore you.

Instead I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all my clients, colleagues and business partners these past 20 years. Thanks for having me onboard. Thanks for challenging me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights.

I have been very fortunate to do interesting and important work. I have been allowed try new things. I have participated in some very innovative solutions. I have learned a lot and met world class leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs. I have made many wonderful friends. I also humbly believe I have made some valuable contributions.

My next professional phase is not decided. I am in exploration mode and making myself available to the fabulous forces of the universe. (I have a Taoist outlook on the world.) Needless to say, I’m looking for work and open for exploratory conversations and suggestions.

Thank you all once again.

— Jan