What goes around comes around

The last two weeks have been pretty amazing for me. Lots of exciting things in the making and I have been a little over-whelmed about the relative easiness in moving things ahead. When I reflected upon why I was experiencing this I reached these conclusions.

  • People I interact with respond favorably to the new directions I am exploring, not only because they like the directions, but also just because I now have a more apparent direction (or directions). Direction matters.
  • Enthusiasm and engagement can be very contagious. People respond better to folks who are engaged in their work. They want in on the energy. They offer to help. Enthusiasm matters.
  • Most of the folks I'm interacting with are my friends. New friends, old friends. Friends of friends. They are not primarily business aquaintances. They are friends. Relationship "capital" matters.
  • We might forget details from the past. But we remember if people are honest and friendly. We remember if they have made good contributions before. Obviously I have a few screw ups in my track record but today I am extremly happy I have always chosen to be responsible, generous and fair. And always delivered at the top of my capacity. History matters.

What goes around comes around. No rocket science, but good to reenforce. 


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