Winter walkabout

I've been thinking about it for ages and now I've decided to make it happen. Starting Dec 1 I'll be taking a leave from my work. Why this then? Well, there are few different answers. I'm (hopefully) in mid-life and mid-professional-career. I think it is only reasonable to do a calibration of my direction. But also, I've been doing rather well in my business for some while and I'm a little worried that laziness and complacency could be kicking in. That needs to be analyzed in depth.

To be fair I also need a deeper rest and get away from the busyness of life. My last year and a half has been muddled by so many challenging social processes including a divorce, that I'm really, really tired.

Lastly, I'm doing it because I can. And because I think it is necessary to live as I preach. And this is something I preach.

What I'll be doing these months is more of a mystery. I like that. In my own mind I'm calling this a walkabout. Perhaps you are familiar with the mythical aboriginal tradition. I'll surely be reporting my goings on here on the blog.

In any case, I'm already looking forward to my first stress free Christmas in a very long time.