2018 ==> 2019

So there it is. The wrapping up of this wildly interesting and challenging year. At least for me. I’ll be honest. This is the year I almost went bankrupt. It is the year I realized some of my friends aren’t my friends. This is the year I realized som of my friends REALLY are my friends. This is the year I fell deeply in love. But also had to let it go. This is the year I fully discovered universal love, the way of the universe and other ”magic”. What an experience. This is also the year I managed to shift the main focus of my work towards serving needs connected to sustainability and humanity.

From the depth of my heart I am deeply grateful to everyone that has encouraged and supported me throughout this year. This includes some very brave and challenging clients that have entrusted me difficult work. I love that.

For 2019 I have a mixture of concerns and hopes. Hopes of a very special nature that best can understood by reading this thoughtful piece by Margaret Wheatley. My concerns are much the same that I have carried for roughly two decades. The loss of our connection with this planet that keeps us alive, and also the accompanying loss of our humanity. My dedication for the years to come is to stand on the right side of these issues. To be part of solutions, and not problems. To participate in guiding us towards better emerging futures. I have no idea if we can pull it off. But I feel I have an obligation to serve this cause and do my bit. As Winston Churchill once put it:

”It is not enough that we do our best: sometimes we must do what is required.”

I look forward to joining forces with you during 2019. Starting the year, my ambition is to get a newsletter going. Please subscribe here to get the first issue. ==> Subscribe the Changing Minds Newsletter <==