Climate related business opportunities?

FÖRETAGENS KLIMATANSVAR Klimathotet erbjuder aldrig tidigare skådade affärs-möjligheter. Svenska företag bör gå i bräschen för att skapa en klimatneutral näringslivssektor, skriver Jan Joel Andersson och Harry McNeil vid Utrikespolitiska institutet.


My good friend Harry McNeil has written a good article (in Swedish) on the substantial business opportunities that exist for Swedish companies with regard to the increasing importance of environmental and climate issues.

I couldn't agree more with the point he and his co-author makes. But, I would be VERY surprised if established Swedish businesses step up to these opportunities. They are too busy fighting in the red ocean with their existing products and services and trying to steal customers from each other. (See the book Blue Ocean Strategy.)

Only a few of the traditional companies will move into blue oceans with new products/services to existing (and new) customers. Instead new entrepreneurs seem to be the ones getting busy with the emerging new opportunities.

That is what I'm seeing from my point of observation.


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