A decade of pattern breaking?

A couple of days ago I wrote a post in Swedish that caught on pretty well. I won't be translating it but will be writing follow up posts in English. Hopefully this sufficiently balances the needs of my Swedish and non-Swedish readers.

So, in the coming weeks I'll be exploring five themes that I initially introduced in my post in Swedish. These are themes that I believe will be drivers of development the next 10 years in our organizations, regardless of the sector they are in. Themes that will help us break more or less obsolete organizational patterns.

  • Stopping the destruction of our planet
  • Humanizing organizations and workplaces
  • Solving big social problems in innovative ways
  • Smallness as an alternative to economies of scale
  • Building creativity so we can break loose of the status quo

I by no means want to imply that these cover all aspects of organizational development. These are closest to my heart, are issues I care deeply about and I'm convinced will have substantial impact on our organizations.


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