Longing for time to consolidate

The down sides of being a free agent are relatively few I'd say. But the last couple of days have become quite frustrating. The reason is in essence really doubly or triply good. But it becomes frustrating and ultimately a little bad. On the one hand I have lots of interesting work to do. A variety of projects that bring in income to support me and my family. Which is good. 

New projects are incoming at a pace which is engouraging. Also good. 

At the same time I have this entrepreneurial thing that is in the making which brings together so much of what I've done in recent years with old and new ideas and old and new business partners. That is even awesome. 

The frustrating bit is that this entrepreneurial thing is coming together in my head and in practice, but I'm so locked up in deliveries that I can't get my shit together and produce a business plan. The business plan is the necessary next step. It is what I need to move ahead with ideas, partners, etc. It is what I really want to do now, but delivery gets in the way. This is not good.

I'm already using as much of my spare time as I allow myself. Not good.

Luxury problem you might say. I agree. But also the curse of being a free agent with an entrepreneurial drive. This happens once in a while. No way around it, only deal with it. And I find that just expressing the frustration is the best way for me to deal with it.

Thanks for "listening" to my gripe.


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