Death to the conference venue!

Why are modern (or actually unmodern) conference facilities so dreadful???!!!

I know, this is no new discovery. But I have been in and out of these places for more than 15 years now and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. It is a f**king discrace and an insult to people's intelligence.

Face it. The average conference facility is a lousy learning environment, a mediocre meeting space (at best), and a very bad design experience. On top of things most places are ugly, have insanely uncomfortable furniture, sport lousy technology and are extremely ugly. 

And worst of all, the staff see themselves as in the facility management business and not in the learning enhancement business. 


Still, we continue to go to these places and pretend they are actually useful. 

How long shall the charade go on?


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  1. Yes! Of course. But we also need new environments to host our learning conversations. But they don’t seem to be appearing. I don’t see any on the market that I can recommend to my clients. Must we also create the conference 2.0 sites ourselves…?

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