I'm headed for the TEDxStockholm event Saturday. Looking forward to great talks, listening and conversations with fellow attendees. My good friend Klas is doing a 18 minute slot and of course there is a whole bunch of other interesting speakers. Richard Gatarski is doing 5 minutes that he is trying to crowd source. 

I'm really curious to experience the speaking format. 18 minutes I can understand – but five? That is ridiculously short…


Decided to submit a suggestion to Richard:

I can’t solve it technically myself but my suggestion would be to cut out a tiny section of this TED talk by Sir Kent Robinson. From 3:05 to 3:23 – and then run it as a loop so it fills 55 secs. Should give 4-5 repeats depending on how you cut it. Should make a little impact because what he says is PROFOUND.


All this is based on the assumption that education is a theme growing for the 5 minutes you have.



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