Book readings

During the weekend I finished reading The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port. I'm divided in my impressions. On one hand the theme of thinking big is powerful and very very relevant in society, business and personal life. On the other hand I can't really say that the book is well executed. 


In my view Port has put in too many words, too much text. I find my self skimming more than reading. Still, there are a number of good points and highlights. And several good examples. The structure is perhaps a little pretentious with chapters numbered in way I can't even remember why. And as a manifesto I'm not getting the "umph" I've recieved from other manifestos. 


So, either I'm not in the target group for the book, or it is off the mark. And perhaps one also could supsect that the book works better in the US than in Scandinavia. But that is just a speculation.

I'm on to my next book since yesterday: Leaders Make the Future by Bob Johansen, former president of Institute for the Future. Awaiting me is a ten point framework (so American…) that describes the challenges faced and talents needed by leaders in the 10 years to come. So far, pretty interesting. I'll comment further on it when I've finished it.


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