Twitter at work

One of the people I follow on Twitter shared this link to an article at PC World. It is about using Twitter at work. It is a fairly straightforward approach that is recommended. The key thing being not to scare your boss and your colleagues. Or have them think you are "wasting time". This is fine and well. But on the other hand it got me thinking more critically…

If you are in a situation where you have to hide or explain your Twittering or other social media activities I'm thinking that one of two things is happening:

1. You actually are wasting work time. Probably because you are bored or not stimulated enough at work. 
2. You are adding value to your work, but you are not in a setting where this is (or will be) understood or valued.

The solution to either one of these situations is nothing less than to change jobs and create a better context for yourself.


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