Tom lashes out at Jim

Tom Peter's post is lengthy to say the least. Towards the end he puts out severe criticism towards Jim Collins. Tom Peters 1, Jim Collins 0.

The debate: is management a "proper" research discipline or not. Here is an excerpt:

"But Jim and I are on absolutely opposite sides of the fence, indeed the universe, on two things he wrote or apparently said to the Globe guy. I went out of my way repeatedly to say to the Globe reporter: "The 'research' represented by the In Search of Excellence 'product' should never, ever be confused by the research-experimentation performed to confirm Einstein's theory of relativity. That is not nor will it ever be the standard in the so-called 'social sciences.'" In fact I added that I was one of the ones who think it's a travesty to award a Nobel in economics—economics ain't physics either, as you'll discover when you next check the status of your 401(k). Well, Mr Collins apparently disagrees! Not only does he compare his [note the italics] research to physics, but he also claims to have discovered "immutable laws of organized human performance."


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