This and that

This week will be rough. Feels like I have 203 projects to deliver. And in the middle of that some promising development ideas that I'd like to give more time and energy than I'm able to. Very frustrating. 

On another note, voices in my network are picking up and relaying signals that the business climate might be improving. I know I'm supposed to be glad about this, but what I'm really hoping for is that the recession will be around long enough for us to learn something from it. And also put into place some more sustainable business practices. I'm seeing far too many new "toys" in my neighborhood – cars, boats, quads, jet skis, etc. As if nothing has changed. 

If life were a little more fair, I'd like to see the poor parts of the world recover quickly and see the noveaux riche get slammered. It is too bad they won't reinvest their wealth in things that are important for humanity and the planet – only for themselves. Extra much so because their wealth most probably has come form using our shared natural resources and the labor of others.

While I'm at it I can rant a little about how we Swedes use water. In the developing world the struggle for fresh and clean drinking water is real. In Sweden we have water in abundance. But I still think we can respect this valuable resource better that to squander it on washing wooden house decks and watering huge golf course like lawns.


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