Head spinning

I would have loved to post some thoughts I having going in my head around social business. But I can't. My head is blocked by other processes. 

Feels really wierd. I can physically sense that I have stuff in my head that lies in the way of what I'd like to express and explore. Dang. 

I'm quite sure this has to do with the type of work I'm doing a t the moment. I have two projects that are cognitively challenging and all my processing power seems be used in these projects. One is carving out a 1.5 day leadership training process for 100 managers. And one is creating a plan for a makeover of a local governement's development work.

These projects are also forcing me to spend longer stretches of time in front on my Mac, which in itself tends to make my head spin. I prefer doses of an hour or so by the computer and then do other types of work.

Well, I'll just have to ride it through. And perhaps I can share some of the results. Depends a little on what my clients allow me to show the world.


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