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Welcome to my blog Contemplations (previously named Changing Minds). I’ve been at it for a while, but there have also been gaps in my writing. Quite frankly the blog is a bit of a mess. I refuse to tidy it up as I want it to be a record of my thoughts, interests and emotions, and how they have developed and changed over time. Even if it might be a little embarrassing. The topics are both big and small. Professional and personal. Serious and for fun. Specific and general. Just like life. Some of the content is fairly clear. Some of it is explorational and maybe even fluffy or silly. I would like the blog as a whole to mirror how I’ve developed over time. Personal time stamps of some sort.

I write in both English and Swedish. You can search/browse posts by using the fields at the bottom of this page. My most recent posts can be found just below.