The magic of Twitter – and some old fashioned action

A friend of mine is working on a car sharing scheme for Sweden. He's been in touch with some major players in car industry here in Sweden and things are progressing. One of the inspirations for the project is Zipcar in the US. As it turns out I'm following the co-founder of Zipcar, Robin Chase, on Twitter. 

As it turns out she on Tuesday afternoon tweeted she was in Stockholm for a conference talk. 

As it turns out, I happen to be online just then and see the tweet. 

As it turns out I email my friend who directly the next morning heads for Robin's hotel to see if he can get an appointment. 

As it turns out he happens to bump into her in the lobby. 

As it turns out my friend is able to schedule a meeting the same afternoon (yesterday). 

As it turns out he gets almost an hour with Robin and valuable inputs for his project.

Isn't this just magical? Isn't this the pure beauty and value of connecting? Is this all a result of chance? 

No way.


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