No shit Sherlock

OK. This is the big news in Swedish educational system today – a government agency has arrived at the conclusion that quality in leadership in schools affect students' results. 

This is a breathtaking result. 

Not the result in itself, because most who run other organizations would say this in general is true. The most significant influence on long term results is from leadership.

What is breathtaking is that it has taken the Swedish school system until 2009 to realize this fact that they are not an exception from this general rule. That is utterly mind-blowing and says something of the introvert culture in the school system.

So, men and women in educational power positions: 

  1. Figure out which teachers, leaders and local government officials that don't have the right leadership skills and attitudes.
  2. Train the ones that can be trained (Bloody fast!)
  3. Replace the rest (Bloody fast!)

Please do this quickly as my children are in the system now and deserve nothing less that top notch school leadership skills.

You heard me. Get moving.


PS. If you want to see/read some of the stories today [in Swedish] check here and here.

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