Fall season

I'm back at work after a long and very energizing vacation. Hopefully this fall will bring out some new interesting projects alongside with the work that is already booked. 

During August, September and October I'll be running quite a few client workshops/seminars. They have a wide range with regard to content. My role is to provide meeting and process design, facilitation and some "friendly troublemaking" so groups can move forward in their thinking and practice. I'll be working with a government agency, two local governments, and a privately held company.

As for development I'm involved in building a small tribe of like-minded Swedish management, leadership and strategy thinkers. We'll be heading to Copenhagen early September for a conference on management innovation and later in September to Berlin for an mini-exploration-tour.

Lastly I'll be exploring two new business opportunities. I hope to reveal a little more about them in the coming weeks.