Reflections at the island

GÅSÖ I'm spending a week on the island of Gåsö in the Stockholm archipelago. My father in law has his summer house here and we usually spend a week or so of our vacation here. 

My daughter is in swim school. My son is in sailing school. I'm spending time looking out at the sea. 

And having conversations with Brian.

Brian also has his summer house on Gåsö. He's spent the last couple of years working in the Middle East. And before that in Thailand. A man of the world. 

Our conversations on the beach where our kids participate in sailing school cover a wide range of topics – from globalization, sustainability, leadership, management to more important things such as single malt whisky and Limoncello.

Meeting Brian on Gåsö has become a tradition of sorts. We share a lot of values and perspectives but also discover that we challenge each other once in a while. But the shared passion for understanding the world – and being ironic about it's absurdities – cannot be mistaken. 


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