Warrior Spirit

My friend Stephan Ekbergh says he looks for a warrior spirit when hiring people to his company Travelstart. I've never really gotten a grip of what warrior spirit means until I came across this bit of writing in Michael Port's "The Think Big Manifesto":

"This is the warrior mentality. No, that's not a male thing. Being a warrior is not about being a tough guy, being a fighter, or endorsing violence. I mean it in the yogic sense, that combination of strong and gentle that is the hallmark of yoga practice. When we are warriors, we understand that there is no control, that the world is a chaotic place, but that this "control-less-ness" is not necessarily confusion. In fact clarity in the midst of this chaos comes when we learn to let go–to let go of our need to control and instead open ourselves to the world and its endless potential."

Bloody well put. I get it now. And I think this is EXACTLY what Stephan is after. If not, he'll put me straight, be sure. 


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  1. haha this is great – I bought a ticket from them and just loved their style and filled in the evaluation form and read all the emails from them … anyway
    fantastic …
    If i can draw your attention closer to another warrior teaching – Shambhala by Trungpa Rinpoche
    and the Epic of Ling Gesar.
    The Warrior Is Not Afraid of Space
    The coward lives in constant terror of space: afraid of darkness because he can’t see anything, afraid of silence because he can’t hear anything. The setting-sun world teaches you to wear a suit of armor to protect yourself. But what are you protecting yourself from? Space. The challenge of warriorship is to step out of the cocoon, to step out into space, by being brave and at the same time gentle.
    Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior Book and Card Set by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

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