Reflections on Home

I've now spent the full 1 hour and 33 minutes to see Home. If you haven't I urge you to (it was supposed to close June 14, but seems open still). It is a remarkably beautiful film with a really grim message. A message we don't seem to be taking seriously enough…

Nothing in itself in the film was new to me, I believe I have a fairly good grip on what challenges the planet and us humans face. The impact of the film has to do with the whole story coming together at once. 

Personally I'm once again struck by my relative inaction regarding this matter. Most people are probably concerned about the situation and believe they can't make a difference. I happen to think that things can be done, and that we should try. But I honestly don't think I'm trying hard enough.

I refuse to participate in a Titanic like charade; "we're sinking, might as well enjoy the ride to the bottom". I refuse not to take responsibility for coming generations – my kids, our kids.

We all have to rise above ourselves in this. And one thing comes out bloody clear. If humanity survives this mess, it'll be because we managed to change our life style pretty damn quick.


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