When is design development taken too far?

I believe the toilet paper holder has worked fine the last decades. Apparently this producer doesn't think so and has presented us with this new version. I'm delighted to see the shiny metal cover. Quite an improvement. Also there is a new way to tear the paper. Ingenious. When I looked for other new features I found nothing. Due to the size of the thing I was expecting multi-toilet-roll-handling. No. Only one roll.

So, it seems we have a solid case of design to create demand for something we don't really need – but gives new products to sell at higher prices. What is even worse – this "new" product uses more resources than an average simple but perfectly functional paper holder. **** sigh ****


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  1. The story of stuff – again and again and again…. Unfortunately.
    Time for new patterns and methods instead of new toilet paper holders. ;-)

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