GDP falls in Sweden

Sweden's GDP falls a record 6.5% during Q1 compared to Q1 2008. Read more here [in Swedish].

When are we ready to discuss if we are measuring the right things? When are we ready to discuss why our whole idea of "wealth" and "development" is hooked up on this number –  an old social construction used by tradition and maybe only because everybody else uses it?

(OK. I admit I'm influenced by my present reading – The Thing Big Manifesto).

Worth a thought or two I could think. And I'm quite sure alternatives have been researched and dismissed. But still, isn't it crazy that we are steered by a number that stimulates the continued destruction of our long term livelihood? And consequently, when GDP shrinks the planet is smiling (at least a smile of short term relief). I'd say we need to get our measurements of progress aligned with the laws of nature.


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