Time to rethink – again?

I really can't make any sense of my blogging. I don't know if I'm fed up or a little lost or am too busy. Either way my motivation has reached significant lows. I feel irrelevant, out fo tune. Not catching the interest of my readers. 

I've been looking a little extra at the blogs I myself tend to return to. To see if I can understand what they have that I like. Sadly, I can't detect any significant patterns other than that they are very fluent and a little witty writers. So, that leaves me no clues.

I've tried to analyze the flows to my blog and that also leaves no clear patterns. The only thing that has struck me is that there seems to be some correlation between number of visits and the titles of my posts. But, really not much to work on.

I've also tried to figure out if my writing in English is part of the problem. Because it is not my mother language and I might be off mark, or not create a flow in my texts. Also I imagine that my readers largely are Swedish and it would make sense to communicate with them in Swedish. But no hard evidence here either.

So, the more I think about it the more I think my frustration stems from not knowing why I'm blogging and having a theme that I can't always make justice. The new world of work is a fabulous theme to explore. But not always. And perhaps not in a manner that interests more than a few nerdy folks.

One could argue that blogging doesn't have to be about having the huge number of readers. I would agree. But I also think that writing becomes more or less meaningless if you don't have a critical mass readers. The exact numbers for critical mass are probably different for different bloggers. 

I haven't achieved critical mass. How do I know? My reader base is small, varies hugely over time and different posts. That doesn't have to be bad. But what does trouble me is the more or less total lack of reader reactions and comments. That can't be a very good sign. My interpretation of this is that I'm not relevant – either by being too lofty in my ideas or by being plain boring.

Yes. I definitely must rethink.


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