Surprised – or maybe not

I've done some reflecting on the fact that so few people I meet openly talk about humanity's biggest challenge – adapting to a sustainable life style. I must say this surprises me some. Because the people I'm fortunate to meet are on average very smart and competent. 

So why aren't we all eagerly talking about how we are changing our companies, organizations, local governments, households, etc to something sustainable? Why are we instead talking about life and business as if these challenges don't exist? 

With what I know about human behavior I should probably not be surprised, but my entrepreneurial mind is. The challenges we face are of course serious problems, but more than anything they are a vast space of opportunity!


[update] Pulled this link off my friend Martin Börjesson's Twitter feed a few hours after I wrote my post. Paul Saffo is of course much more eloquent in his text, but I believe we are exploring the same basic theme.

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