Walking my talk?

After dinner tonight I came to think about my own deeds and how I’m (hopefully) improving sustainability in my own and my family’s life. Not so much the grand things. Small stuff. Everyday things.

I happen to believe that new or altered thinking is necessary for changed actions. It won’t always happen anyway, but the opposite – change without new thinking – can’t really happen at all. Well, it could through force and manipulation, but not otherwise.

So, if my own thinking is changing… Then I should be doing stuff differently now, right? Gulp. Time to face the old saying: Am I walking my talk?

These are more or less new behaviors and habits established in my everyday life:

* built and started use of a household compost
* increased discipline in recycling paper, glass, metal, plastics, etc.
* reduced waste, garbage now picked up every 14 days
* sold the motorboat, now only a rowing boat
* built a new jetty from reused timber (and using no electrial machines)
* selling 4WD car, buying hybrid (deal to be closed next week)
* less driving, more public transport
* more cycling and walking
* no vacation trip abroad this summer
* switched to 100% wind power from our power company
* preparing back yard for growing vegetables next spring
* substantial increase in purchase of ecological foods

Not too bad if I may say so myself. Of course, lots more to do. My footprint is still staggeringly high.

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