Seeing the madness #1

Thought I’d try to put together a series of observations about stuff around us (actions, things, habits, etc) that we take for granted or see as normal – but when seen through the lenses of sustainability and the survival of humanity really should strike us as madness.

My guess is that it’ll be things small and big, high and low, current and historic that I’ll bring forward. And that I’ll post now and then on this theme – whenever I stumble on to something I find interesting.

Here is #1:


Just now, outside my window, on the beautiful and endangered archipelago waters a large cruise ship is lying still with disco music glaring from the decks. They do this every summer evening when the sun is out. The Sunset Cruise they call it.

The madness: paying money to party (and bring home cheap liquor) on a ship that destroys sea life and burns massive amounts of fuel. On top of that ruining the holiday tranquility for people in the area.

The customers are buying and Viking Line is selling. The wonders of the market economy…

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