Sustainable conference facility?

I’m on the road again. With a client in dire need of renewal. The starting point for the process is a really bad score on their customer satisfaction index.

Anyway, we’re staying at this place [Sånga-Säby] that is supposed to be among the most enviro-friendly conference places in Sweden. Everything is eco. Energy. Food from local farms. Linen. Soap. Etc. Etc. And on top of that "climate neutral". The pitch of all this is very attractive. And this is a very very nice place. But somehow I get the sense that this still can’t pass as really sustainable. Rooms are very big. Materials are partially non-renewable. A lot of waste is generated regardless of recycling.. And we all drive here in cars. One person in each…

One can wonder if the idea of off-site conferencing has the prospect of being sustainable at all.

The link to Sånga-Säby [only in Swedish I regret].