More books

I’m now reading:

Mark Lynas – Six Degrees
Daniel Quinn – If they give you lined paper, write sideways (it arrived just today)

Can humanity be saved through reading? Probably not.

Although, at the moment my prime strategy seems to be to read a lot. I find it very stimulating to tap into others thinking. Some books make me glad and optimistic, others make me very depressed. But that tells me that I’m choosing good books that well reflect the state of life today.

I’m most energized by broader perspective thinkers. With systems views. And other (not always so comfy) perspectives. Not the nitty gritty scientist types. With few exceptions they bore me to death. But I realize  that a lot of their work is used by the other guys, so many scientists do earn my respect. (I felt that I needed to put that forward…)

I do believe that my reading is sparking new impulses to do things. New things. Other things. I have two widely different ideas playing around in my head the last couple of weeks. Once they mature a little more I’m sure to share them here.