Looking back

I’m om the road, working with a client that has a staff meeting. The organization is a government agency charged with boosting innovation in Sweden. The theme for the meeting is "the unpredictability of history" which turns out to be quite an elegant twist. By learning about history they try to learn about the future. So far we’ve listened to one professor in history and one futurist. Great thoughts. Good dialogue. More inputs tomorrow.

It actually feels quite good to have my tax money spent on a process like this. (Not only because they are paying me – like a tax return…) They get to challenge a few "truths". Widen some horizons. And also create a counterbalance on plans and predictability.

I really like the people I’ve met. They’re passionate and take their role seriously. And most seem humble towards the paradox in their task – building a systematic, efficient and centrally stimulated process for innovation.

The two-man karaoke-style cover band playing after dinner tonight, was more than I could take, though.