A beautiful day

A brilliant sunny morning in the Archipelago today. My energy is up after my road trip with two different clients. Yesterday I participated in a sort of graduation ceremony for an in house leadership program for one of my clients. I, and several colleagues have designed and produced the program that has run for a little more than a year and involved 80 managers.

The thing was very informal and I had a lot of stimulating conversations. With my increased interest in sustainable life style I’ve come to share my thoughts quite openly with people. What strikes me is that most are conscious about the problems we face. Quite a few are very concerned. So also yesterday.

What is a little frightening though, is that all too many feel that the conversation about our shared (and hopefully sustainable) future isn’ t really allowed within our organizations.

Still, yesterday gave me a feeling of hope and positive energy. Change still seems highly improbable. But not impossible.