Business ethics (Swedish style)

It is good to know that Swedish multinationals value and defend the ideals of the society and economy that set them off to global fame and fortune.

In the wake of the Swedish artist Lars Vilks drawings of the prophet Muhammed, a death threat has been issued towards him. Not every day that happens to a Swedish citizen. Threats have also been directed towards Swedish companies such as IKEA, Ericsson and Volvo. PR people at these companies are saying that it is sad that they have been drawn into a conflict that doesn’t involve them. They are also going low profile. Hiding flags and logos.

Hooray for Swedish big business. Nice to know they continue to keep a keen eye on the bottom line and don’t stray towards soft stuff like taking social responsibility. They’ve already shown great progress in economies like China, which of course is due to the same rigorous adherence to Swedish values like freedom, justice and honesty.