A good day for the Kaospilots

I am involved in setting up a Kaospilot school in Stockholm. The hard work is being done by a brilliant team of three, but I get to pitch in a little.

Yesterday was a milestone day for the project. And today it continues with the school’s prominent advisory board convening. What happened yesterday was to things:

1. We had an inspiration lounge type of activity, gathering former students from the school in Århus, Denmark, people in the Kaospilot and fluidminds network, and guests. Among others were Uffe Elbaek, founder of Kaospilots, Alan Webber, co-founder of Fast Company and Dr Kjell A Nordström, author of Funky Business. Nice crowd. Nice energy. Moving the project and ideas forward.

2. We received substantial seed funding for the Knowledge Foundation. Quite a breakthrough as the Swedish official education system is having a hard time fitting the school into it’s traditional "boxes". A very catch 22 type of situation. With the support of the Knowledge Foundation – and the companies that so far have signed up for partnerships – we’re starting to feel hope for the financing of the school.

In mid January a team of 35 starts. It does seem very real today.