Swedish commission on foreign aid

Swedish prime minster Reinfeldt continues to focus on climate issues. Today in New York he will announce an initiative to make foreign aid more climate friendly – and even climate restorative.

As the sceptic I have become this initiative gives me double feelings. Part of me says – of course, should have been done years ago! The other says – OK, what is going to be the under-lying mental model for this commission?

My fear is that this will be driven with a technology point of view. With better tech we solve everything. Presto! And who has the tech? Us in Europe and the US, I guess. Maybe some Asians. And the message continues to a familiar tune – Let us help you, just do as we suggest and all will be fine.

Perhaps our practices in the developing countries will shape up due to our increasing self-interest. (I think the proposed commission is a part of this trend). But the vibes are all too "imperialistic" for my taste.

An article in Swedish on the commission here. I’m still looking for a piece in English.