I don’t know if this word actually exists. But I do know that I’ve turned into one. Six or seven years ago I was proud to be a so called early adopter. Today, I’m real slow at bringing in new tech-stuff in my life. And have also started to revise my stand on technology as the savior of mankind – and the planet. I’m starting to think that if it weren’t for technology we’d have much fewer problems today. Granted, also a totally different life style.

The world has belonged to the techno-optimists for quite some time. Very much so in Scandinavia. In essence it has been the sceptics that have had the burden of proof and been assigned the role of troublemakers.

Perhaps it is become time to turn the roles around?

"Hey, man. What is the proof you have that this new XYZ-technology actually does move us towards a more sustainable lifestyle?"

Something like that.