A great jab at Michael Moore

Mårten Schultz is my hero of this winter.

He did what I wished I could, but never could have done. He answered back to Michael Moore's open letter to the Swedish government. He did it with wit and sharpness. He defended Sweden in a way I'm mighty proud of and showed Mr Moore "where the cabinet should stand" (Swedish saying. Cabinet as in furniture piece, not government cabinet). If Mr Moore responds remains to be seen.

The beginning goes like this:

Dear Mr. Michael Moore,

I read your open letter to the Swedish Government. I am afraid they will probably not answer. They’re a bit busy at the moment: The aftermath of the financial crisis requires attention. And there’s also the thing with the first suicide bomber in our country, which has caused quite some commotion. But don’t you worry, it is very unlikely that we will use this single act of terror as an excuse to invade a country. Or maybe a very small one, but that it is unlikely.

Read the whole letter here.