Trains + Twitter = awesome

Yesterday I was in south Sweden and about to take the train home to Stockholm. Standing at Lund's station I checked Twitter to see what was going on. One of the first things I saw was at tweet from @johanhedberg that his train just was coming in to the same station. We actually never have met in person and this was a very freaky chance to meet him. This didn't work out though. His train arrived at one platform and mine left from another within a few minutes. Still, a virtual wave was given and I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I got on my train and enjoyed a meal. Roughly an hour later I get a message from @saltakvarn. "I just got on the train to Stockholm at Alvesta, which train are you on?". Turns out we are sitting 8 rows from each other in the same car. Wow. So Johan and I have an improvised Tweet-up and had a wonderfully inspiring conversation for an hour or so. 

Just as we were rounding off to go do some work, @matspertoft showed up. He had seen Johan's tweets. And Johan knew he was probably on the same train. I've met him earlier, but were not following each other on Twitter. So, the conversation expanded and continued for a while more. I obviously started to follow Mats and he now follows me. Also sent Mats the cool TED-video with Ken Robinson about creativity in school. Mats is the spokesperson for the Green Party in school issues and it turned out he had never seen Sir Ken.

So, as far as Twitter and train experiences goes this one was out there. A true intersection of people, ideas and events.