Archipelago Outpost?

As midsummer makes its way into Swedish minds I've revisited an old parked idea about creating a creative hub/outpost thing in my home town Vaxholm. What sparked it was the discovery of a specific piece of property presently up for sale. It seems to be a very suitable location for my idea.

So now I'm scrambling to get my idea down on paper, work the numbers, explore financing options and see how many in my local network that would like to be part of the initiative.

The backdrop is this: in my home town I've found that there are so many creative, wise and entrepreneurial minds around. At the moment everyone is working his/her business alone (some with employees) and without much connection to our home town. We all more or less commute to clients in the larger Stockholm area, and many like myself have offices at home. The opportunity as I see it is to draw this pool of talent together in a shared space and see what can happen. The space is built up of vision, values, ideas and – a physical space.

The trick now is to assist a uniting and inspiring vision to emerge. I have a few embryonic pieces to get the process started. The rest is conversation.


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