The future of the MBA

Interesting article in NY Times. Among other things: apparently business school students cheat more than other students. I don't know about you, but for me this is telling evidence that we (mostly) have the wrong people running our businesses. 

I don't believe moral standards can be taught. But they can be upheld in a strong culture of honesty. 

With the new world of work needs comes a different set of moral standards. The classic MBA will be reinvented, I'm sure.

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  1. Thanks for the great comment! I’m reminded of the consulting firm Stone Yamashita and partners in San Francisco that I visited last year. They do top level consulting work and took pride in not having a single MBA on their pay roll. It made sense already then, even more today.

  2. Reading Mintzberg’s ”Developing Managers Not MBA’s” this isnot only an issue of ethics, but mainly of educational direction. Mintzberg claims that MBA should stand for Master of Business Analysis. It could be that the typical MBA is excellent at analysing case studies and eventually learns to believe in analysis and business plans. What they then are doing is reducing the complexity of the business and world into key figures requiring little wisdom in decision-making. And they believe in that stuff!

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