Why am I in the Bay Area?

Well, first of all I should say that this a form of learning and inspiration trip. I was here just about a year ago with the same purpose and learned a lot from a lot of brilliant people that I was fortunate enought to meet.

This time around a lot has changed. Credit crunch, talk about recession, etc. So it is very interesting to experience how this very entrepreneurial region is coping – and perhaps exploring new opportunities!

Monday through Wednesday I'm at the VizThink conference in San Jose. The event is designed around visual thinking in business – both practically and strategically. It should be a great three days with lots of new people to meet and learn from.

Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon I'll be in San Francisco to meet people in my network – also visit IDEO if everthing falls neatly into place.

I should be back home to hug my family on Saturday afternoon CET.

I'll try to keep the blog going from here, but please be prepared that updates can be irregular.


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