The alternative to thinking big

One of my clients is a semi-large Swedish municipality. One of their challenging issues of today is the process of local job creation. Unemployement is rising, accompanied by an influx of refugees. 

There are two multinational companies in the county. Both are experiencing market slow down but still in total by far are the biggest employers. There are also roughly 4,500 other (small) companies in the county. Guess who the politicians and civil servants are schmoozing for new jobs…? Correct, the two biggies with problems. 

No one seems to be working on a process/program to engage the 4,500. If each one of them employed one more person, there would be a labor shortage in the county.

Can such a program be created? Of course. But it requires leaving the think-big-paradigm and starting to think-small-in-large-scale-paradigm.


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