Cool friend: Jonathan Robinson

Spent yesterday at a conference on social entrepreneurship. A lot of interesting presentations and a number of great conversations in the breaks. Among others a nice chat with Kristoffer Lüthi at Ekobanken – a Swedish social bank.

But above all I got to re-connect with Jonathan Robinson of The Hub that I hadn't seen for a while. We met last summer and quickly forged a deal to establish The Hub in Stockholm. I soon after that left fluidminds and Hub Stockholm (long story) and worried a little that I had lost my relationship with Jonathan. This proved to be very wrong, instead once again we had a meeting of minds, dreams and values. Just wonderful.

The scaling of The Hub Network continues and makes me very impressed. Of course there is lots of hard work involved, but there also is a clear vision and engaging principles that carry the concept forward.

In essence The Hub is one of a few great examples of the new world of work – not in theory, but in action. And Jonathan and his team are worth every bit of praise they are getting.


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