What if…?

Most seem to accept that 2009 is an off year. Already dreams can be heard of things picking up 2010. But what if this doesn't happen? What if it takes ten years? Or what if it never happens again? What if this was the peak we just experienced?

Are you personally and actively hedging these possible scenarios? Or are you in wait-and-see-mode? Or the forever-optimist? 

If you are employed – what are you doing (or not)? If you are a leader/manager – what are you doing (or not)? If you are running your own business – what are you doing (or not)?

Please don't just float about "like the others". Make yourself a player in your own future. Consciously get into the process. Consult your friends. Put your ear to the ground. Think for yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Decide on a strategy. Take responsibility. Do it.


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