Thank you

Once in a while I try to remind myself of the privilege I have to be able to express my thoughts and opinions. I have the freedom to do so. And I have the means to do so.
I sincerely thank you for reading my blog. Without you it would be rather pointless. It is my goal to continue posting on a regular basis, roughly once a day during weekdays. That is the easy part.
The challenge is keep content as interesting as possible. My strategy is to keep to the theme – the new world of work – but allow myself to explore it broadly and post pretty much post anything that I believe can be connected to the theme. Once in a while I'll allow myself to divert, if I've found something of general importance/interest or because I've been pissed off by something that I wan't to share.
So, once again, thanks for stopping by. I hope to keep earning your interest. And should you have any feedback or comments, please share them. They matter a lot to me.
PS. My category list has disappeared. Seems I have to recreate it. Bummer. My first problem with Typepad since I started the blog. DS.

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