Social experiment

I decided to get more active on Twitter and find out if the phenomenon has anything to do with the new world of work. Here is what I think so far:

  • if communication is an integral part of the new world of work then Twitter certainly adds a dimension to the chats, emails and blogs already out there
  • if networking is an important part of the new world of work the same applies as above  
  • the main challenge for an oldie like me is to keep all my different communication channels up at the same time – on several devices (but thank god for my iPhone!)
  • another challenge is to remember that chunks of time are needed for focused thinking and producing – a whole day can pass with lots of fun twittering, chatting, but little work done 
  • some communication is directly work related, but most indirectly related (at best)
  • on the other hand one could argue that communication = work (but I would also add that most communication = work does not generate income – at least for me)   
  • to cite Kevin Kelly – the network is the economy!
  • so what Twitter helps me do is build my network – which potentially can be leveraged for work – paid and unpaid.

Does that make sense?

Hm, this kind of turned into a philosophical inquiry about what work actually is made up of in this new world.


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