Observing smallness

This week I call upon myself to study smallness and all the benefits from it. Bigness already has such a lead in our minds that I think smallness could need a little coverage and push.

Also, I sincerely believe that smallness is an integral part of the new world of work. Through networks many small players can become big – if they need to. And when they don't need to they don't suffer too much from the lag of being big. 

Certainly there are industries where my reasoning is a little flawed. On the other hand those industries perhaps aren't too significant in a context of sustainability… [I think of mining, car manufacturing, airlines and other businesses built on economies of scale – but also largely built on exploiting natural resources].

So, hopefully I'll turn up some interesting clues. Also, I'll be reading the books on small I ordered last week and that should show up on my doorstep today.

Oh yes, I should get that work in progress done – the thoughts on the new world of work. Didn't make it last week.

Have a great week!


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